Why I Chose Price – Luwam Kbrom, MHA ’18

As I sit here looking at my final 1st semester grades of graduate school (don’t worry, it’s good news), I can’t help but reflect back to this time last year when I had just submitted my application to USC Price. Stress levels were running at an all-time high! I spent so many nights I lying awake praying for a miracle to happen (I can be quite the worrywart). At that time, becoming a grad student just seemed like a far-fetched dream. So about three months later when I found out that I was accepted, it was one of the best days of my life. All of my hard work finally paid off!

I knew USC was the place for me the minute I stepped on to campus. I came to Price to attend an info session for my program and I just remember getting goosebumps! The program director was there to answer all of my questions and the administration staff was so accommodating. I was overwhelmed with excitement as everything that was being presented during info session was exactly what I was looking for in a graduate program! Coming from a large public university as an undergrad student, I wanted to ensure I wasn’t going to be just a number as a graduate student. I wanted to be given the opportunity to have control over my learning. I wanted to have a dedicated career services team to assist me in preparing for interviews and looking for internships. I wanted to attend a school that consistently challenged me to step out of my comfort zone and to network with professionals. I wanted to be surrounded by passionate students committed to improving the lives of others. I wanted to learn from professors who also have real work experience as healthcare leaders and executives. I wanted to be treated with respect and professionalism. I wanted to have an abundance of student organizations available that I can participate in. I wanted to be on a campus that made feel safe and welcomed (bonus points were given for having a Starbucks and great food options on campus too). So if these are the things you are looking for as well, I can guarantee you that you will find them here at Price.  All in all, you just want to make sure you don’t take the decision lightly.

MHA Event – Summer 2016

Graduate school is a big investment, so you have to be picky. I encourage you to visit all the schools you are considering, talk to current students and the administrative staff, research the professors online, and request to attend one of the classes. USC Price provided all of this to me and I will be forever grateful. It also doesn’t hurt to know that Price is one of the top public policy schools in the country and has this gem called the Trojan network with thousands of alumni dedicated to giving back to current students (and as I always say, it’s not just what you know, it’s who you know). So just remember to pick the school that is going to be there for YOU and help fulfill YOUR needs. You’ve worked hard to get this far; its time you reap the benefits and make it all worth it!

Go Trojans! Fight on! USC Price Rocks!

Luwam Kbrom

Master of Health Administration – c/o 2018